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your name was the beginning of this story. full of grace, worship, anger, pain and regret. full of desire, passion, jealousy. dreamfull like a damned fairytale. I just don't know if it was just an infatuation...The one thing I know 'bout that was, that it was real. It was more real than anything before. full of truth, faith and courage. but the courage in this relationship get lost right in the moment he looked down to the bottom of the dirty bottles of failing and cheating. not on me alone, I mean, just the one's he thaught he loved. fuck this.
And also his name was the beginning of the end.

I've told it. In the infinite papers in my diaries I told all that. The full disgusting history of this mad story in my life.
It was born to die.
It was between everything and above all I've ever known before. But it was born to fail. I guess it was born in pain - born to make scars on walls.
17.5.07 13:35

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