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fire souls

[leaving you...
gave me the strength to carry on
and it burns out your fire soul]

Sometimes I prayed
to the glorious sins of hell
for the fever of desire
that it'll break out in my soul
that it set my soul on fire

heart carved in ice
flames lickin' my body
since my soul start glowing
from the first time I'll taste
his dark obsessions

[for the gift of freedom
I'll get him out ma way
this burns out my fire soul]

there's nothing that could
stop me from praying to death
to devotion in his arms
I promised him my world
for taking one shot
I gave him my wounds
for that he might make them bleeding
he sacrificed my body
for I'll never taste forgiveness again

[should he die for this
I pray to Lord above
that he might send him an angel]

lost in his arms forevermore
I had giving up the last sparks
and the powder keg inside my heart
won't explode
out of deep dark passion
I bounced into reality

[the last kiss on cold skin
gave me forgiveness
and I pray to Lord above again
have mercy on his soul]

he wasn't build for this
for now
he's not strong enough to burn out my fire soul
and forever
I'll keep searching for the spark
for the glowing in a pair of eyes
that make me believe in love

keep standing
keep on praying
14.5.07 11:37

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